Don’t Lose Your Personal Days

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Thursday June 28 2018

We’ve been dealing with the short-term disability program for years, and many members are familiar with this by now, but we remind you: now is the time to carry over your unused Personal Days if you haven’t already.

Each year you are allotted seven Personal Days under the short-term disability system. You may carry over up to five unused Personal Days from the previous year, for a maximum total allotment of twelve – but it doesn’t happen automatically.

You can do this with the employee self-service tool at, up until June 30.

You will also have the option to carry over some of the days you have left and be paid out for others, which you can do on the same site between July 1 and July 14.

But if you don’t do anything, Canada Post will pay out all your remaining Personal Days, and you’ll have just seven Personal Days for the coming year (July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019).


In solidarity,

Peter Denley
National Grievance Officer (2015-2019)