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Thursday August 29 2019

We know this arbitration process has been long and that the end doesn’t seem near, but as the members will have to live with the changes to the collective agreements for many years it is important for CUPW negotiators to thoroughly present all our evidence. They have interviewed countless witnesses to ensure the arbitrator is equipped with all of the facts. Canada Post is now presenting their case. When they have finished, our negotiators will have the opportunity to provide rebuttal evidence against all of Canada Post’s testimony and evidence.

The work your negotiators have done is not limited to the days spent at the bargaining table or in arbitration hearings. Your negotiating committees have spent days, weeks and months putting together the strongest case possible for arbitration.

We know you’re frustrated. We’re frustrated too. We all would have preferred a negotiated agreement through free collective bargaining. It is our right and we continue to ask Canada Post to meet us at the bargaining table as our negotiators truly believe they can come to an agreement. 

Despite these frustrations, I am proud of all of our members for continuing to provide customers with the best and most professional services. Canadians love their public postal system because of you and the work you do does not go unnoticed.

In the meantime, we will not be quiet. We will push our issues during the federal election campaign and work together across the country to make sure worker-friendly candidates are elected.

We need new contracts. We need better health and safety measures. We need to be fairly compensated for the work we do. We need the Corporation to stop relying on overtime to meet delivery times. We need a government that will invest in the future of Canada Post and the future of its workers.

Our negotiators are doing their part in arbitration. Let’s do ours on the campaign trail.


In Solidarity,

Jan Simpson
National President